Scale Soaring Club

Scale Soaring are a group of people with interests in Radio Control Large Scale gliders and Sailplanes and Tugs. These are the people who do the model aerotow events that donate to the Air Ambulance.

If you have interest in the following, then why not join in with our discussions on the forum. Maybe you can even help others with your views and ideas?

Slope Flying –  Thermal Flying from Winch – Aerotowing

This year’s events will be held over the weekends of Friday 14th – 16th June, and 13th-15th September 2024.

The BMFA’s strengths are its proven expertise and its membership. Without the backing of its clubs and members we could not have accomplished the many things that have given us national and international credibility and recognition. The sheer weight of numbers of model aircraft and drone fliers we represent has enabled us to be heard at the highest levels. Therefore, we require continuing support as without you the BMFA would not exist: your membership and club affiliation is important so that we can continue to represent the interests of model aircarft and drone flying in the UK.

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“Thankfully September 2022’s weather was greatly improved over the June event, and on the Saturday we again had a full field. Grateful thanks, as always, to Ray Watts, who organises everything, and also to Simon Thornton, for the endless superb tug flying over the 3 days. Phil Huddlestone also lent his assistance with the setting up, then frustrated the local Buzzard population with his effortless flying of his Eaglehawk model.

In addition to the models, we had 2 full size visitors on the Sunday, in the shape of 2 Eurofox aircraft, G-CIEF, from Mansfield and G-LEPR from Lukesfield, in Kent. Both pilots are avid long-time modellers and regular visitors.

Many thanks to everyone who came to our Aerotow events this year, and donated so generously. I have sent the £1050 collected to the County Air Ambulance Help Appeal, and Ray’s company, Arqiva, will supplement this with a contribution of £250, making £1300 in all.

Hope to see you all again next year.”